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A Word About Water Recycling:

Did you know that many local water companies sell back their recycled water?  Many programs supplement valuable water supplies by providing recycled water for use in non-potable (non-drinking) applications such as irrigation and industrial processing.

  • It is forecast that increased demand may result in severe water shortages by the year 2020. Try and do your part to prevent water prices becoming like fuel prices – use wisely.

  • Turn off automatic sprinklers for two days after a good rain. Avoid hosing down your driveway or walkways – this not only wastes water, but it rinses harmful elements into the local waterways (learn more about “non-point source pollution - NPS” http://www.epa.gov/nps/)

Who We Are:

A Private, Non-Profit Foundation 501 (c) (3)

Michael Lee Environmental Foundation was established by Michael Lee in 1999 to assist in environmental efforts and progress. We are dedicated to the concept that environmental quality is everyone's responsibility.

We deliver on this commitment through funding community-based projects and activities in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Through our efforts and those we support, we strive to provide examples of environmental integrity and public awareness through action and education.

What We Do:

Provide Support for Science-based Environmental Education

School Gardens/Life Labs, Outdoor Youth Adventures, and Environmental Themed Materials for Parks and Non-Profits

Environmental Justice

Public Awareness, Local Voter Registration Support

Environmental Conservation

Supporting Local, National, and International Conservation Projects

Environmental Technologies

Providing Consultation and Support for Industry and Private Solar, Sustainable Building and Alternative Fuel Projects

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